Club Invention - Intermediate Students

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Science Adventure: Club Invention - Intermediate Students

Audience: Students , Grades 4 - 6 (In or Completed)
Description:For students completing grades 4-6. Students participate in all three activities.

Bolder Builders
Children join engineer, architect and builder Archie Tek in the restoration of a town called Unlucky. Children create and test various structures for strength and stability, design and create shelters for the townspeople and build various animal habitats.

Flight Sight
Participants explore how inventions in flight have made it possible to see the world from different perspectives. They experiment with devices that may help them jump higher, create three-dimensional maps, design and fly huge paper airplanes and much more.

Phys Ed: Physics in Motion
Children create games based on the work of scientists such as Italian physicist Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton and Daniel Bernoulli, who helped answer questions about how and why objects move. They incorporate the laws of gravity, energy, motion and magnetism into their activities.

Please fill out and send in the Club Invention application. If you cannot access it or need help in registering for Club Invention, email or call 630-840-8259 for a Club Invention application. You must also fill out a Participant Information Form and bring it to class the first day.